Vacuum Sealer Machine Automatic Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Machine with 15 Sealing Bags for Food Saver Machine

Vacuum Sealer Machine Automatic Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Machine with 15 Sealing Bags for Food Saver Machine

Vacuum Sealer Machine Automatic Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Machine with 15 Sealing Bags for Food Saver Machine


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  • Automatic & Easy to Operation—One-touch automatic vacuum sealer operation with intelligent LED indicator lights. Sealing and vacuum sealer function can be operated separately. The vacuum food sealer uses exclusive technology to automatically sense the bag and food-type to create perfect, air tight vacuum seal, which can free your hands.
  • Health Assistant—Food vacuum sealer can eliminate invisible damage ,keep your family healthy. Many bacteria can survive at low temperatures and cannot be identified by smell or taste if the food couldn’t preserve better, Vacuum Sealer Machine can solve this problem well and provide a good food preservation.
  • Versatile Vacuum Sealers—Automatic Food Sealer Machine is convenient for food fresh preservation, which a good assistant to save the space, keep the clean and dry for kitchen. But it not just a food saver machine, it’s also suit for preserve valuables, jewelry, Painting, photos, even important documents.
  • Preservation time—Vacuum preservation is 5-10 times longer than ordinary preservation. If you receive a defective product, we will re-deliver a new product for free and provide technical guidance for a long time.
  • Superior material—The core components of vacuum sealer food packing machine use imported heating strip and sealing element, and even the small gaskets of the vacuum sealer accessories are made of imported rubber. We always value product quality.
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Package Includes:
– 1 x User Manual
– 1 xVacuum Sealer
– 1 x Charger Cable
– 15 x Vacuum Bags (7.8*9.8inch)

How to Use:
1.Put the food into the food sealer bags;
2.Put down the cover and lock the two side, you can press lightly on the centre position in order to speed up the job processing of vacuuming;
3.Press the “Vacuum & Seal” button start to work, it’s down while light turn to green; If seal only, press the “Seal Only” button for 3 seconds;
4.Poll up the release valva, open it and put out the bag.

Please Read the Tips Carefully Before Using:
1.Do not overfill the bags, leave enough space at the open end of the bag so that the bag can be placed on the vacuum chamber more positively;
2.Do not wet the open end of the bag. Wet bags may be difficult to melt and seal tightly;
3.Clean and tidy the open end of the bag before sealing. Do not leave anything in the opening of the bag. Do not wrinkle or crease, as foreign objects or crease bags can cause sealing difficulties;
4.Do not pack items such as fish bones and hard shells, as spiked items may penetrate and tear the bag;
5.Please do not hold down the sealer for too long as it can burn a hole in the bag instead of sealing it;
6.The vacuum sealer should rest for 2 minutes after each seal or vacuum seal;

Cleaning and Maintenance:
1.Always unplug the unit before cleaning the appliance;
2.Do not immerse it in water or any other liquid;
3.To clean the inside of the unit, wipe away any food or liquid with a paper towel;
4.Dry thoroughly before using it again;

If you have any problem, Please kindly contact our customer service, we will deal with it within 24 hours.
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